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V8 Supercars

Before the big battle between Holden and Ford at the Sydney 500, we gave fans a way to get involved - with the world's first Facebook powered slot car race.

On an exact replica, scaled down version of the Sydney circuit, we raced the cars for 7 days straight. Facebook likes (via the 'like-o-meter') powered the cars around the track at break neck speeds. Daily social posts and multiple live webcams allowed fans to check on the progress anytime, day or night.

In the end, the Ford car travelled an actual distance of 191.98km, but was beaten by the Holden car, which travelled 215.59km thanks to nearly 1600 Facebook likes.  

With just $30,000 we achieved:
- $1,739,320 in ticket sales, far exceeding the objective of $200,000
- A 70% year-on-year increase in content sharing by fans
- A 68% increase in fan engagement in social media

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